What You Need to Do to Extend Your Property Boundaries

What You Need to Do to Extend Your Property Boundaries

It is not as simple as you might like to believe to move the property line on your piece of real estate. These lines are pretty well set when the property is purchased, and it can take a lot of work and even the assistance of a real estate lawyer Bellingham to help you move your property line to wherever you would prefer for it to be. You should still consider getting in touch with a Bellingham real estate attorney regardless of what you want to do with your property for the simple fact that such an attorney actually has the training and knowledge necessary to help you legally move your property line wherever you need it to go.

Spite Fences

An estate attorney Bellingham can tell you that certain actions that one might want to take on their property are completely forbidden per Washington state law. One of the forbidden practice is the construction of what are known as spite fences. These are fences set up on one’s property that serve no purpose other than to harass or intimidate your neighbor. You might have the desire to put up such a structure simply because something that you neighbor has done angered you, but you are asked to restrain yourself from such activity as it is not legal in the state of Washington, and you could end up in trouble and in need of a real estate attorney Bellingham WA if you are not careful.

Seeking Compensation From A Neighbor

There are special real estate rules that an attorney like Dean Prather ESQ PLLC would be happy to go over with you regarding when you make seek compensation from your neighbor for something that you have constructed that benefits both yourself and the neighbor. A great example of this is when someone builds a boundary fence that stands between their own property and that of their neighbors. In this circumstance it is pretty obvious that both the person who built the fence and the neighbor will both benefit from the fact that it has been constructed. The neighbor might not have specifically asked that it be constructed, but they obviously have a material gain from it being there regardless. As such, it is fair to ask that they pay for at least half of the expense of having it put up. The state of Washington is very clear about this rule, and a great real estate attorney Ferndale WA can help make sure that the rules are followed in this circumstance and that the neighbor pays for half of the cost of the fence.

Settling Disputes

The law is very complex when it comes to real estate and property rights. It is one of the areas of the law that continues to evolve with time, and it is something that is tweaked on a regular basis. Thus, hiring a real estate lawyer Ferndale is the ideal way to go about settling any disputes that rise to a level of seriousness between yourself and your neighbors. You don’t want them to get away with something that should not be permitted in the state of Washington based on existing state law. You need to have your rights protected, and sometimes the only way for this to happen is for a lawyer to get involved. You might not love the idea of bringing a lawyer into the mix, but you should always remember that you deserve to keep your property rights as the top priority for yourself. Your neighbors might not be so friendly and accommodating if you allow them to run all over you. Showing a bit of strength and displaying that you have an attorney at the ready to help you can be a great way to make sure everyone is playing by the same rules.