If you need a Will or Trust created, Washington attorney Dean Prather can help. From simple to complex estates, you can be confident that Dean Prather will satisfy your needs and help give you confidence in the knowledge that your future plan is well thought out and on the right path.

Dean Prather can also help you through the probate of your loved one, friend, or relative after they pass. If you are the Executor or Personal Representative of an estate and don’t know what to do, give Dean Prather a call. Or if you are an heir and you think there are problems with the estate distribution, or there was no will and you need help navigating the local courts and/or properly distributing the assets of an estate, call our law office.

Why You Need a Will and Testament

A will and testament provide a legal document that divides the decedent’s property and assets according to their desires. It names its beneficiaries and specifies the exact nature of what each person receives. The same document states the parties responsible for the care of the decedent’s minor children or incapacitated adult children, parents, or other family members.

Without a will and testament, you would die intestate, meaning that your estate would need to go through probate court. If you died while your children remained minors, the court would appoint a guardian for them.

Why You Need a Trust

When you establish a trust, you place certain property in a protected status. You direct the trust to satisfactorily manage these items while you live and in your death.

Your life insurance policies and trust do not undergo the probate process. You direct which beneficiary receives them and that occurs directly from the life insurance company or trust fund to your beneficiary upon your death.

Combining these items lets you control the disbursement of your property and assets. Let Dean Prather ESQ PLLC help you plan your estate. You can decide now how things will be handled in the event of your death.