The Need for Legal Assistance in Resolving Civil Disputes

When a dispute arises between opposing parties, it needs to be resolved in a manner that is both fair and legally acceptable. The law firm of Dean Prather Esq. PLLC is available to help resolve such civil disputes in a number of areas.

The American system of justice includes a division that is dedicated to dealing with conflicts between individuals, businesses, and other entities. Civil law differs from criminal law, which involves the prosecution of those who violate state or federal statutes. The civil law system encompasses a large scope of issues, some of which are in the area of coverage of the law firm of Dean Prather Esq. PLLC.

One of its areas of concentration pertains to contract disputes. These disputes may involve many different issues, including disagreements between two or more businesses, between business operators and building owners, or employers and employees. Other disputes may involve consumer products or issues, the sale or distribution of items, or cases in which a contract has been broken without a mutual agreement.

The firm is also concerned with disagreements between landlords and tenants. These disputes may involve the failure of one to pay the other or to maintain the property in accordance with a previous agreement.

Additionally, the firm extends its legal services to land and boundary issues. Such disagreements often pertain to who owns or is responsible for a certain area of land, an issue that is not always resolved by fencing. A quiet title lawsuit can be used to resolve such boundary issues, with the intention of “quieting” any challenge.

Such issues require legal expertise to resolve, which is why it is necessary to seek the services of a lawyer to ensure that they are handled properly. Those needing assistance should consider turning to the services available from the law firm of Dean Prather Esq. PLLC.