How Can a Lawyer Help with my Real Estate Dispute?

A real estate dispute can be exceedingly expensive. If you’re purchasing a home, a lot of land, or commercial real estate in Washington state, you can be protected with a properly constructed contract. There are various types of real estate disputes and Ferndale real estate attorney may be able to help. Although there are various types of common real estate disputes, you can seek the assistance of a real estate attorney to help you with the complete process.

Common Disputes in Real Estate

A common cause for commercial or residential real estate disputes is a breach-of-contract. It is essential to take note that a purchase, sell agreement, or lease is a type of structured contract. Also, a breach of contract is when a party within the legal agreement does not live up to their obligations. A real estate attorney Ferndale can evaluate your unique situation to clarify if you could pursue for any losses or damages that resulted from the breach of contract.

Another cause for real estate disputes is a property’s boundary lines. This type of dispute can happen when a property’s boundary has not been explicitly documented and registered accurately. Overtime boundaries can change, and this can cause a dispute as well. Your property’s boundary lines can be researched. The research can be used to determine if the any areas of a property is conceivably in discord. A Custer estate attorney may be able to help you with this essential issue.

Real estate fraud is when individuals unintentionally or intentionally create a false, or misleading representation that causes you damage. This could happen through any of the step of the real estate transactions. Real estate transactions include foreclosure proceedings, appraisal, and closing. If you believe that this is the case, you can contact a skilled real estate lawyer Custer.

Bias sales or not acting in the true interest of the client is recent for dispute for many and usually involves a third-party during the transaction. A bias sale is when a real estate agent is not acting in the best interest of the buyer. If you believe that a real estate agent is not acting in your best interest and is only concerned about making a commission from the sale, please contact Custer real estate attorney.

A foremost common disputes in real estate can be the failure to disclose critical information. This is this may happen when there is a failure to disclose material defects or facts that can affect the buyers’ decision to purchase a commercial or residential real estate property. This may also impact the buyers’ purchase price decisions. There are other areas that could cause a dispute in real estate, and they consist of but not are restricted to the following below:

  • Permits of conditional use
  • Real estate with joint ownership
  • Eminent domain
  • Condemnation
  • Agreements for purchase and sale
  • Lot Rezoning
  • Property lines

Ways a Real Estate Lawyer May Help

If you are involved in a real-estate dispute, Custer real estate attorney may be able to help. There are various ways a real estate lawyer may be able to help you with your dispute. our firm can represent you before a (hearing examiner) or in court.

Also, we may be able to appeal adverse decisions. if you’re in a real estate or land dispute that has not been resolved favorably for you, we may be able to pursue an appropriate appeal.

If you are in a dispute that involves real estate Orlando either commercial or residential, a real estate attorney Bellingham WA can help to determine if you are likely to succeed in court. We will evaluate your individual situation concerning your dispute and analyze the facts in accordance with the current real estate law. Do not hesitate to contact Dean Prather ESQ PLLC with any questions pertaining to your dispute.